Logistics Clusters

Featured in “Logistics Clusters” by Yossi Sheffi

Logistics Clusters Delivering Value and Driving Growth By Yossi Sheffi Overview Why is Memphis home to hundreds of motor carrier terminals and distribution centers? Why does the tiny island-nation of Singapore handle a fifth of the world’s maritime containers and half the world’s annual supply of crude oil? Which jobs can replace lost manufacturing jobs […]

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Marine Oil Technology’s Patented Solution

Don’t Go Changin’ Even the best of relationships sometimes have friction and, in most cases, that friction is manageable — unless it takes place inside of a heavy-duty engine.  In that case, any particulate over the size of say, three microns – the distance between a piston and a cylinder wall — can lead to […]

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Parker | Racor

Beneficial Effects of Bypass Filtration For Contamination Reduction In Diesel Engines Abstract Bypass filter efficiency rating and particle size retention will vary depending on the manufacture and media used, but all have the same goal, which is to reduce the level of contaminants in the lube system. Bypass filtration also increases the filtration system contaminant […]

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Marine Oil Technology is the First Tenant

MARINE OIL TECHNOLOGY BECOMES THE FIRST TENANT AT PortTechLA TECHNOLOGY INCUBATOR SAN PEDRO, Calif. — June 10, 2010 — PortTechLA, a non-profit technology development center that was founded through a partnership formed between the Port of Los Angeles and the San Pedro Peninsula and Wilmington chambers of commerce, has announced that its first tenant has […]

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