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ForestTech 2013 Portland

Reconditioning Oil System on Display

First Time Ever! ForestTech 2013 was held in Portland, Oregon, first time in the United States.  Arne Vestad with Save Oil North West LLC,  presented Marine Oil Technology’s Reconditioning Oil System at the show.     The Reconditioning Oil System  Reduces oil consumption by up to 90% Increases fuel mileage Increases life of engine by […]

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Save Oil North West

Meet Save Oil North West

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Announcing our new Sales and Servicing Distributor San Pedro, California – September 6, 2013: Marine Oil Technology a San Pedro company welcomes Save Oil North West,  parent company IWTNA,, LLC (International Water Treatment Systems North America) as our new Sales and Servicing Distributor serving North America. About Save Oil North […]

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Port Tech Expo

Clean Tech – Cool Tech

PortTech Los Angeles Presents, Clean Tech – Cool Tech Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro 110 E. 22nd Street @ Miner Street 2 – 5pm (immediately following the PortTechEXPO 2013) Clean Tech – Cool Tech features technology demonstrations, interactive displays and the latest advancements in smart technology solutions for port communities. Technology […]

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Marine Oil Technology at this year’s EXPO

PortTechEXPO Save the date: September 11, 2013 Visit Marine Oil Technology at this year’s EXPO! Don’t miss the 4th annual PortTechEXPO. Clean technology companies will have a chance to connect with businesses both local and worldwide working to achieve a more sustainable future. The EXPO is expanding this year,  featuring clean technology demonstrations, interactive displays […]

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Clean Oil Equals Big Savings

Big Savings with Clean Oil Port Tech LA Thanks to Marine Oil Technology (MOT), businesses operating extra-large vehicles, including heavy duty trucks, forklifts and ships, can put off dealing with annoying and costly oil changes for years. Company founders and engineers, Dr. Paul Kraatz, Alex and Laila Weil designed and developed MOT’s Oil Lubricating Reconditioning […]

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PortTechLA’s new tenant: Marine Oil Technology

New Technology Incubator Tenant: Marine Oil Technology How about a car or truck that needs an oil change once a year or less? Alex Weil says he can make it happen. Weil is president and majority owner of Marine Oil Technology (MOT), a startup manufacturer that recently opened its doors at PortTechLA’s downtown San Pedro […]

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Revitalization at the L.A. Port

L.A. Port is hatching a revitalization PortTechLA, a business incubator run by a group that includes the port and city, will nurture start-ups that make products that reduce pollution and shippers’ dependence on fossil fuels. Alex Weil’s football-sized invention ranks high on the improbability scale: a filter that cleans an engine’s oil so long that […]

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Logistics Clusters

Featured in “Logistics Clusters” by Yossi Sheffi

Logistics Clusters Delivering Value and Driving Growth By Yossi Sheffi Overview Why is Memphis home to hundreds of motor carrier terminals and distribution centers? Why does the tiny island-nation of Singapore handle a fifth of the world’s maritime containers and half the world’s annual supply of crude oil? Which jobs can replace lost manufacturing jobs […]

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Marine Oil Technology’s Patented Solution

Don’t Go Changin’ Even the best of relationships sometimes have friction and, in most cases, that friction is manageable — unless it takes place inside of a heavy-duty engine.  In that case, any particulate over the size of say, three microns – the distance between a piston and a cylinder wall — can lead to […]

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