Revitalization at the L.A. Port

L.A. Port is hatching a revitalization

PortTechLA, a business incubator run by a group that includes the port and city, will nurture start-ups that make products that reduce pollution and shippers’ dependence on fossil fuels.
Alex Weil’s football-sized invention ranks high on the improbability scale: a filter that cleans an engine’s oil so long that after three years of testing on 17 Idaho tour buses, financed by the Energy Department, the filters were still going strong.

When I tell people how long my oil processors last, they just don’t believe me,” Weil said. “They just give me a blank stare.”

Luckily for Weil, the filter didn’t sound too good to be true to PortTechLA, a relatively new business incubator operated by a coalition that includes the port and city of Los Angeles. Click here to find out more about PortTechLA and Marine Oil Technology.

Courtesy of Ronald D. White, Los Angeles Times